The 4 Best Drink Ideas for Halloween

With the spookiest time of the year just around the corner, it’s time to find drink ideas for Halloween. While Halloween is a time to dress up in creepy and spooky outfits, it is also a time to spice up your drink Halloween style. Thus, if you are not in the mood of dressing up in spooky outfits this year, there are a lot of spooky things you can do with your drink. The internet contains a plethora of spooky drink ideas that you can try this holiday season. To help you create a drink worth being drank during Halloween, below are four ideas sourced from the web that you can try.

Witch’s Brew

Code named the witch’s brew, this glowing green concoction of lime gelatin, water, pineapple juice and lemon-lime is one of the best drink ideas for Halloween, especially if you are into witches. This cocktail can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. To convert it into an alcoholic cocktail all you have to do is add two cups of vodka and voila. Since most of the ingredients used to make this concoction are readily available, you can make your own version of Witch’s brew at the comfort of your home. All you need do is pour the gelatin mix and add the hot water stir and then add the pineapple juice.

The Vampire’s Kiss

There is no better drink to complement your vampire Halloween get-up than this one. Dubbed the vampire’s kiss, this scarlet libation contains raspberry vodka, charmed and cranberry juice. Best served in a martini glass, the preparation of this blood colored drink is easy. To prepare put ice and water in a martini glass and then put all other ingredients in a shaker and shake. Finally, remove the ice water from the glass and pour in your concoction. Just like the witch’s brew, this is another drink that falls into the category of unique and sweet drink ideas for Halloween.

Mr. Hyde Inspired Cocktail

spooky halloween drink

If you are a fan of Mr. Hyde and Jekyll, then this is one of the best drink ideas for Halloween. Aptly named the Mr. Hyde portion, this frightfully delicious cocktail prepared using vodka, amour liquor, blackberry liquor, lemon juice, blackberries, lavender springs and dry ice. All these ingredients combine to create a potent drink that will help you unleash your freaky side. It is worth noting that the dry ice in this concoction is optional. Nonetheless, with or without the ice, the Mr. Hyde potion is a one of a kind drink to spice up any Halloween party.

A Drink for Witches

There are many witch-like drink ideas for Halloween on the web; however, none is as enticing as the aptly named witch’s hat cocktail. A concoction whose dark and mysterious color is enough to get you hooked, this drink contains dark cherry juice, black Chambord, and black vodka. To spice things up you can add a dose of light corn syrup into the mixture. Served in a martini glass, the drink is yet another great drink for celebrating Halloween. With just the right amount of tartness, the witch’s hat cocktail is as sweet as it is fruity.

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